I have to admit I am actually pretty lazy when it comes to dress up, so t-shirt and jeans are my two best friends. But sometimes they can look boring and dull, especially when the days you don't have make-up on and your hair looks like mine (the awkward length right above my shoulder which I hate, I need 5 inches of hair now...but how?!).

There is a solution to every problem. For the longest time I am scared to wear red lip, I think it makes my already thick lip looks bigger, it will stain my teeth, and it makes me look old. But I was so WRONG and I need to apologize to all the beautiful red lipsticks out there. I AM SO SORRY!!! Red lipstick is like a LBD to every women, it's a must have and will look great on everyone. Both red lipstick and LBD should be your go-to item when you can't find anything to wear (I bet you heard this scenario quite often, don't you?!) Many of my girlfriends has been a loyal fan to red lip and I finally bought my very first red lipstick last week. Here I am wearing MAC "M.A.C Red". A little red lip will save you from looking dull to looking like a doll.

P.S : Leopard print and red lipstick are a match made in heaven.

Top : Muji
Bottom : Levi's
Glasses : Forever 21
Necklace : Vintage (short), Vince Camuto(long)
Shoes : DIY 

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