It's an Art & Craft kinda day for today's collections!!  I mean serious architectural art and crafts beyond your typical scissor and crayon can achieve. Very often designers create something that's far from reality, but fashion is not always about practical. Limitless imagination creates ultimate fashion. ( All images via

Collection : Delpozo
Delpozo puts on a sweet and lovely show like a girl in wonderland. The odd proportion of the roomy cropped pants, giant hoop skirts, and ultra flowy tops seems to make perfect sense in this romantic theme. And the best of all are those metallic heels with side bow. The are just the perfect finishing touch for this collection. I see the Spring goddess just walk in the garden in her playsuit and this is what Spring is all about.

Collection : Threeasfour
This season the designers for Threeasfour work closely with architects for their show and their museum exhibit. The laser-cut detail, the 3-D textiles, and the sculpture like cubes and webs are very intriguing. Some of the looks even has more than 4 different patterns layer on top of each other to create more depth. Busy for your eyes but in a very interesting way.

Collection : Opening Ceremony 
The hot designer duo Humberto Leon and Carol Lim behind O.C and now Kenzo are stirring the streetwear movement in NYC and Paris. The key items are the over sized neoprene tops, cargo shorts and loose fit track pants. They look comfy and yet very stylish.

Collection : Yigal Azrouël
Yigal Azrouël knows how to use classic silhouette and play with many great details. The sharp tailor blazer with zipper detail and the well fitted body-con dress with cut-outs. The jacket and dresses in patchwork of white, gray, and black perforated fabric creates the sexiness for the conservative shape.

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