Its all so exciting in New York City now and for the next few days with the fashion week kicking in. I feel the excitement, too. In my Houston suburb home, which is 1633 mils away from NYC, sipping on my late night coffee and snacking on mini Kit Kat while clicking through the STYLE.COM for the latest Spring 2014 collections. How lucky am I? Without the 4 hours flight, or fighting the cab with the models and photographers, or getting all doll up and walking on the streets in my killer 5 inch heels ( but I secretly think they are all part of the excitement for fashion week ). Maybe one day I will be there, or maybe not. But for now, I am sitting in front of my laptop in my pj and sharing some of my likes so far. (All images via

Collection : Tanya Taylor
This is Tanya Taylor's first runway show and I just love seeing new designers showcase their collection during fashion week. Her use of crayon color capture the spirit of young and fun for the Spring, while the silhouette are still sophisticate for the grown-ups. 

Collection : Robert Rodriguez
I have to say, change is good. Robert Rodriguez went from sporty-fun-chic to sexy-cool-polish, with the clean edge finish and delicate details. Each individual pieces look as good as they are put together. The looks might feel a little heavy for Spring, but I am pretty sure we will be seeing lots of blogger sporting his look.

Collection : Honor
Although the designer Giovanna Randall said this collection is about developing her dark edge, but I smell a sweet sweet girl just want to resist the darkness and be playful in her clothes with all the embroidery lace, laser cut flower, and delicate tulle. And looking at her Fall 2013 collection, she is someone plays femininity very well. 

Collection : Creatures of the Wind
The splash of red and blush pink says enough about Spring. The boxy jackets, metallic accent, and embroidery flowers gives a quirky vibe with a vintage look. The designer duo Shane Gabier and Chris Peters put on a fun show and stay true to their vision.

Collection : Kaelen
The whole collection is basically black and white with a splash of mint green and washed blue. But designer Kaelen Haworth knows how to turn basic to chic.  The marble-like print and dripping paint gives the colorless collection more fun factor. I love every piece in this collection, the separates, the jackets, and the dresses. I want to wear all of them from day transit into night and look effortlessly chic.

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