Feeling overwhelmed by the chaos of NYFW?Cause I am. So let's take a break from the madness. Imagine if one day I live in the city, let's say New York, my 7am coffee run will require me to bring a few things with me. First and foremost, a magazine. Whether it's Vogue or Bloomberg Businessweek, you gotta have some reading material on your table. No one really cares if you are reading or not, but you gotta have it. And it's your phone, honestly I'd rather leave this one at home so I can enjoy a quiet morning, but I know most people can't part with their phone even going to restroom (me,too!!!). Sunglasses is a must, without it you look like a walking zombie at 7am, but with the right shade covers your weary eyes, everyone can look like a million bucks!!

And the rest of the stuff are not as important to you but my life depend on them. My lip balm and lipstick( in case Ryan Gosling are sitting next to me, you never know!! ). And a few bandages ( in case I get that ouch paper cut). All of my daily essentials fits into my DIY studded mesh clutch.  And life gets easier when everything you need fits in a small package. Yay!!

P.S : I don't live in the city, so my morning cup of joy usually happens in my kitchen with my 16 months old.

Top : Ann Taylor
Jacket : Muji
Bottom : Levi's
Shoes : BCBG
Sunglasses : Vintage
Necklace : Gift from friend
Bag : DIY

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