We have a LIMSANITY situation going on here!!! You heard how people say "I need a vacation after my vacation", I feel exactly the same after this madness Sunday. It's MADNESS!!! My normal relax Sunday turn into a battle field, on cyberspace and in Target. (And I know there are many boys and girls out there were much more crazier than I was ).

My master plan was to go to bed early and wake up at 12am to shop the collection online first, then sleep in couple more hours and hit the store around 7:30am with my coffee ( I don't have the patient to wait another week to get my bags and clothes). But things never happen according to plan, at least not this one. By the time my little munchkin finally falls asleep, it's almost time for the online battle to begin, so I stay up. But at which time zone of September 15th will the collection reveal online?!? I bet many Limsanity fans has the same question as I did. So I click the refresh button every 3 minutes on Target's website from 12am Texas time. An hour later, Nada. My anxiety begin and start hitting Twitter for help and thanks to so many sweet and kind fasionistas sharing valid links to others. For some reason I was able to purchase from shared target links way before on And many items was already out of stock when the target website was available on my screen. Luckily I got most of my wanted list and by the time I was done, it's 4 am. 

Of course I did not wake up until my girlfriend text me around 8:30am ask if I am in the store. I jump out of my bed and rush to my nearest Target store. No line, but not many bags left either. I ask the store associate, she said the rush was over. Looking at me like you people are crazy, did you get that look,too?! I grab the last mini satchel in yellow and taupe and guard them with my life. Now I have all 3 colors and I want to thank Mr. Phillip Lim to design such a cute and affordable bags for us. 

P.S : Another great news from London fashion week!!! London-based design house Peter Pilotto are teaming up with Target for the next designer collaboration. This collaboration feature women's apparel, accessories, and swimwear, will debut in store February 9th, 2014. 

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