Sunglasses are no longer just your typical shade to protect your eyes from sun exposure anymore. They are far more fancier than that these days, I even found a "Most Expensive List" on eyewear from Pinterest if you want to see them. 

While back ago I was shopping with my dad and he spotted a pair of Ray-Ban aviator sitting in the glasses shelf and he told me those are the style he wore when he was younger. I assume memory flashback and he would like to feel the moment again. He put them on and looked satisfy in the mirror but was shock when he saw the price tag and ask me if he has mistaken the price. Yes, it cost $180 U.S Dollar. It may not be a lot for us today consider almost everyone owns a pair but when back in the 70's or 80's dad only had to pay 1/4 of the price for it, it's for sure a luxury item for him now. 

Many of today's fancy eyewear cost way more than we can imagine, and while I am debating whether I should spend $100 on a pair of trendy cat eye, many of the $400 range eyewear were already sold out. So here is up to your decision to save or splurge.

Top left : Thierry Lasry ($485),  Linda Farrow ($1040), Thierry Lasry ($485)

Bottom Left : Erdem ($400), Prism ($480), Ellery ($480)

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