A studded clutch has been a favorite for many style blogger for the past few years. They are perfect to add a little cool girl personality to your outfit whether you are wearing a sweet sundress or a simple t-shirt. Few of my favorite are here, here, and here.

I was at my local fabric/craft store and found this mesh sheet, I think they are perfect for this task and they only cost 50 cents a sheet. They are easy to put on the studs and has the peek-a-boo factor. The clear clutch are beautiful, but you must edit what you put inside the bag.

You can really get creative with this DIY project, but I keep it simple for my first attempt, and here are the steps for the studded mesh clutch. 

Material : 2 mesh sheet, a bag of studs, some embroidery threads, needle, scissor.( I end up didn't use the sunflower to decorate my clutch )

Space your studs evenly

Secure the back.
You can use any color you like for the binding. Here I pick red to contrast with the black and gold. 

Time to put your belonging in the new clutch, mine are phone, lip balm, and hand lotion. 

Post and take photo.
Another use for this clutch, my MacBook deserves a new cover.

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