If you ask a guy (a straight guy) about this shoes, you are likely to hear : "Oh, it looks nice from the back and has fur, but what's up with the two holes? and they don't look comfortable." But if you ask me, I would say : "This is the ultimate 5" heels in luxe black suede and cheetah-print calf hair, beautiful finishes with the scalloped edge, and "the eye" are the soul to this masterpiece. Yes, it's killing my feet but no pain no gain, right".

This gorgeous Charlotte Olympia Venetia animal-print calf hair sandals are currently on sale for $492.75 (at 55%off, it still sounds like a lot of digits). You gotta be some serious art collector here to bring this baby home. Not only she will upgrade anything you wear instantly, also it's a quirky and unique piece to add to your shoe collection. But for now, I decide to have a little DIY with a pair of old Nine West and leopard print remnant I pick up at my local fabric store to save me a couple hundred bucks, I am excited!!!

Supply: A pair of old shoes, leopard print fabric, gold trim, wooden sticks, scissor, and E6000( use E6000 in a well ventilated area and wear a mask!!!)
Cut 2 small piece of fabric, put the E6000 on the surface and even it out with wooden stick, layer the fabric over and smooth the fabric. 

Trim the edge with scissor slowly and add more glue to the edge as needed. Time to decorate.
My heels are chewed up, so I cover them with the gold trim.
Glue the fabric on the back of the shoes and trim them evenly.

Instead of the cut-out eyes, I cut 4 little almond-shape faux-leather and glue the blue rhinestone on top. 

Tada, here is my Charlotte Olympia inspired DIY, now I gotta go find something to wear with it.

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