A friendly reminder: If you are working on any DIY projects, always remember to take pictures of your design process!! In my case, this DIY was before my blog, so unfortunately I can't track down my "before" picture. But if the picture ever pops up, I will sure to share with you. 

This was my mother-in-law's old button down shirt with beautiful horse print on it. As you can see I turn the shirt to it's side way so the print and buttons will now look horizontal. Then cut away the sleeves and collar where there was light stain on it. Finish the raw edge with some black bias tape, and here I have a one-of-a-kind asymmetrical top add to my closet.

DIY are mean to be fun and get creative, so don't worry if you can't sew(I am sure you can glue) or mess up during the process, there's always a way to fix it or sometimes your mistake creates a even better outcome. 

Top : Re-design by me
Bottom : Vince
Sunglasses : Forever 21
Shoes : Barbara Bui

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