A quick post before I am heading out to work, YES, it's been about 18 months since I last work and I am really excited. I enjoy being a stay home mom but also miss the real world, so going back to work part-time is the best for me and my little munchkin get to spend more time with his grandparents and the cats. First week is always the hardest when I have to adjust my bed time, get used to the working mode, and re-connect with people at work. Wish me luck!! By the way, going back to work means I may not post as often as I like to, but I will find a balance between work and blog post, and of course my baby boy comes first.

Todays' outfit is my favorite silk dress and silk scarf with my new addition member in my bag family!!

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Dress : 3.1 Phillip Lim
Sunglasses : Forever 21
Scarf : Bought in China
Bag : 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target
Shoes : Melissa



Fashion is all about the unexpected and creativity. The Spanish luxury mega brand Loewe is known for its elegant and sophisticate leather goods, and Junya Watanabe is the master in underground punk with the unexpected cut and mix material. Together they present a capsule collection  Loewe x Junya Watanabe Comme des Garçons to celebrate the 400 years of cultural exchange between Spain and Japan. What happens when the Spanish luxury leather mix with Japanese high-end denim? #LEATHERMEETSDENIM. An unexpected collection of plaid+denim+leather for some really cool boys and girls. 

P.S : The patchworked Amazona bag is for sure the coolest thing to update your Fall look.



I have to admit I am actually pretty lazy when it comes to dress up, so t-shirt and jeans are my two best friends. But sometimes they can look boring and dull, especially when the days you don't have make-up on and your hair looks like mine (the awkward length right above my shoulder which I hate, I need 5 inches of hair now...but how?!).

There is a solution to every problem. For the longest time I am scared to wear red lip, I think it makes my already thick lip looks bigger, it will stain my teeth, and it makes me look old. But I was so WRONG and I need to apologize to all the beautiful red lipsticks out there. I AM SO SORRY!!! Red lipstick is like a LBD to every women, it's a must have and will look great on everyone. Both red lipstick and LBD should be your go-to item when you can't find anything to wear (I bet you heard this scenario quite often, don't you?!) Many of my girlfriends has been a loyal fan to red lip and I finally bought my very first red lipstick last week. Here I am wearing MAC "M.A.C Red". A little red lip will save you from looking dull to looking like a doll.

P.S : Leopard print and red lipstick are a match made in heaven.

Top : Muji
Bottom : Levi's
Glasses : Forever 21
Necklace : Vintage (short), Vince Camuto(long)
Shoes : DIY 



We have a LIMSANITY situation going on here!!! You heard how people say "I need a vacation after my vacation", I feel exactly the same after this madness Sunday. It's MADNESS!!! My normal relax Sunday turn into a battle field, on cyberspace and in Target. (And I know there are many boys and girls out there were much more crazier than I was ).

My master plan was to go to bed early and wake up at 12am to shop the collection online first, then sleep in couple more hours and hit the store around 7:30am with my coffee ( I don't have the patient to wait another week to get my bags and clothes). But things never happen according to plan, at least not this one. By the time my little munchkin finally falls asleep, it's almost time for the online battle to begin, so I stay up. But at which time zone of September 15th will the collection reveal online?!? I bet many Limsanity fans has the same question as I did. So I click the refresh button every 3 minutes on Target's website from 12am Texas time. An hour later, Nada. My anxiety begin and start hitting Twitter for help and thanks to so many sweet and kind fasionistas sharing valid links to others. For some reason I was able to purchase from shared target links way before on And many items was already out of stock when the target website was available on my screen. Luckily I got most of my wanted list and by the time I was done, it's 4 am. 

Of course I did not wake up until my girlfriend text me around 8:30am ask if I am in the store. I jump out of my bed and rush to my nearest Target store. No line, but not many bags left either. I ask the store associate, she said the rush was over. Looking at me like you people are crazy, did you get that look,too?! I grab the last mini satchel in yellow and taupe and guard them with my life. Now I have all 3 colors and I want to thank Mr. Phillip Lim to design such a cute and affordable bags for us. 

P.S : Another great news from London fashion week!!! London-based design house Peter Pilotto are teaming up with Target for the next designer collaboration. This collaboration feature women's apparel, accessories, and swimwear, will debut in store February 9th, 2014. 



If you ask a guy (a straight guy) about this shoes, you are likely to hear : "Oh, it looks nice from the back and has fur, but what's up with the two holes? and they don't look comfortable." But if you ask me, I would say : "This is the ultimate 5" heels in luxe black suede and cheetah-print calf hair, beautiful finishes with the scalloped edge, and "the eye" are the soul to this masterpiece. Yes, it's killing my feet but no pain no gain, right".

This gorgeous Charlotte Olympia Venetia animal-print calf hair sandals are currently on sale for $492.75 (at 55%off, it still sounds like a lot of digits). You gotta be some serious art collector here to bring this baby home. Not only she will upgrade anything you wear instantly, also it's a quirky and unique piece to add to your shoe collection. But for now, I decide to have a little DIY with a pair of old Nine West and leopard print remnant I pick up at my local fabric store to save me a couple hundred bucks, I am excited!!!

Supply: A pair of old shoes, leopard print fabric, gold trim, wooden sticks, scissor, and E6000( use E6000 in a well ventilated area and wear a mask!!!)
Cut 2 small piece of fabric, put the E6000 on the surface and even it out with wooden stick, layer the fabric over and smooth the fabric. 

Trim the edge with scissor slowly and add more glue to the edge as needed. Time to decorate.
My heels are chewed up, so I cover them with the gold trim.
Glue the fabric on the back of the shoes and trim them evenly.

Instead of the cut-out eyes, I cut 4 little almond-shape faux-leather and glue the blue rhinestone on top. 

Tada, here is my Charlotte Olympia inspired DIY, now I gotta go find something to wear with it.



Feeling overwhelmed by the chaos of NYFW?Cause I am. So let's take a break from the madness. Imagine if one day I live in the city, let's say New York, my 7am coffee run will require me to bring a few things with me. First and foremost, a magazine. Whether it's Vogue or Bloomberg Businessweek, you gotta have some reading material on your table. No one really cares if you are reading or not, but you gotta have it. And it's your phone, honestly I'd rather leave this one at home so I can enjoy a quiet morning, but I know most people can't part with their phone even going to restroom (me,too!!!). Sunglasses is a must, without it you look like a walking zombie at 7am, but with the right shade covers your weary eyes, everyone can look like a million bucks!!

And the rest of the stuff are not as important to you but my life depend on them. My lip balm and lipstick( in case Ryan Gosling are sitting next to me, you never know!! ). And a few bandages ( in case I get that ouch paper cut). All of my daily essentials fits into my DIY studded mesh clutch.  And life gets easier when everything you need fits in a small package. Yay!!

P.S : I don't live in the city, so my morning cup of joy usually happens in my kitchen with my 16 months old.

Top : Ann Taylor
Jacket : Muji
Bottom : Levi's
Shoes : BCBG
Sunglasses : Vintage
Necklace : Gift from friend
Bag : DIY



It's back to basics time!! Not exactly your everyday jeans and t-shirt, but more refine with the simple cuts, easy on the eyes colors, and even the shoes are your basic must-have (the t-straps and the sneakers, oh boy, they look so good). (All images via

Collection : Narciso Rodriguez
You will always find the most perfect and elegant looks at Narciso Rodriguez's show. No trendy colors or slit up to your bust line, they are just beautifully cut clothes and make sense on your body. The crop top shows just enough skin and still remain elegant, and the sheer slip dress are simply just too pretty. Nothing is overworked but you know there's a lot of meticulous work behind it.

Collection : Marc by Marc Jacobs
The boys and the girls at Marc by Marc Jacobs's show today, look like they just roll off their bed, find a vintage dress/jumpsuit/blazer layer over the white tee and hit the runway with their sneakers. No excess accessories or fancy bags, just some very relax and quick put together outfits. Did I mention jumpsuits are back in style? I think they will have their moment for the Spring.

Collection : Wes Gordon
Bravo for the firs timer jumping from presentation to real runway. Wes Gordon's collection is beautiful from the cut to the color choice. The delicate lace insets to the slit of the skirt, and a simple bias cut rose color satin dress both make women feel so loved and romantic. Another important note are the tea-length skirts, they are soul mate with the collaborated Manolo Blahnik heels.



We are half way through the madness of NYFW( yay!!!) and we can foresee one very important trend for the upcoming Spring. It's "Liquid Metal"!! Liquid metal is the key in many collections from daywear to evening gowns.(Altuzarra, Jason Wu, Helmut Lang), it bring us back to the 90's rock star/disco days with its glamorous shine. This hot trend deserves a whole new post for it, so stay tune.(All images via

Collection : Reem Acra
Reem Acra brings a glamour disco party to the runway this season. The models look playful in their bias cut dresses in houndstooth print or polka dot pattern. And the ultimate sex goddess with her one shoulder draped liquid metallic red-carpet gowns or the silver bias dress with cut-outs. Acra knows how to make her girl stand out in the crowed.

Collection : Kaufmanfranco
Kaufmanfranco is the couturier in sportswear in my opinion. The women in their clothes are wrap with luxurious fabric in a very sophisticate cut. The bandaged top over loose skirt, a cut-out top pair with a leather shorts, or the perfect fitted trench coat. They all seem so effortless but with an edge. 

Collection : 3.1 Phillip Lim
Back to Mother Nature is the inspiration behind Phillip Lim's Spring collection. Where he took the Earth's most natural element geode's formation, embroidered with crystal-like threads on bomber jacket, skirt, and sweater in a beautiful shades of blue. And apply the geode-like prints on silk pants and dresses. Lim has a great skill of balancing the commercial need and conceptual want to his audience. And he did it here by keeping the silhouette clean and simple.

Collection : Ohne Titel
The American sportswear are looking brighter and more interesting thanks to Flora Gill and Alexa Adams of Ohne Titel. They use the modern day knitting technique to create this undulating lines and narrow fluted stripes for sweater dresses, which compliments women's shape so well. And the use of blue, tan and pale pink colors lift up the heaviness of the knitted outfits.



It's an Art & Craft kinda day for today's collections!!  I mean serious architectural art and crafts beyond your typical scissor and crayon can achieve. Very often designers create something that's far from reality, but fashion is not always about practical. Limitless imagination creates ultimate fashion. ( All images via

Collection : Delpozo
Delpozo puts on a sweet and lovely show like a girl in wonderland. The odd proportion of the roomy cropped pants, giant hoop skirts, and ultra flowy tops seems to make perfect sense in this romantic theme. And the best of all are those metallic heels with side bow. The are just the perfect finishing touch for this collection. I see the Spring goddess just walk in the garden in her playsuit and this is what Spring is all about.

Collection : Threeasfour
This season the designers for Threeasfour work closely with architects for their show and their museum exhibit. The laser-cut detail, the 3-D textiles, and the sculpture like cubes and webs are very intriguing. Some of the looks even has more than 4 different patterns layer on top of each other to create more depth. Busy for your eyes but in a very interesting way.

Collection : Opening Ceremony 
The hot designer duo Humberto Leon and Carol Lim behind O.C and now Kenzo are stirring the streetwear movement in NYC and Paris. The key items are the over sized neoprene tops, cargo shorts and loose fit track pants. They look comfy and yet very stylish.

Collection : Yigal Azrouël
Yigal Azrouël knows how to use classic silhouette and play with many great details. The sharp tailor blazer with zipper detail and the well fitted body-con dress with cut-outs. The jacket and dresses in patchwork of white, gray, and black perforated fabric creates the sexiness for the conservative shape.



Excuse me for my fashionably late update on the NYFW Day 3. As you all know in fashion, one day you are in and the next day you are out. So I better keep up with my game here. (All images via

Collection : Altuzarra
Metallic is a major key for Spring as we saw on several collections already. But to wear it with an ease and still look sexy, Joseph Altuzarra did it just right. Slit,Slit,Slit!!! Out of his 35 looks, there's 27 pair of great legs peeking out from those thigh high slit pairing with a button down shirt or a tailor blazer. His girls are confident yet very seductive.

Collection : Alexander Wang
You see what I see?? Look closer. I browse through the collection while it was instant show on, thought it was a typical A. Wang signature downtown sporty girl line-up. Not until there was more detail photos I realize there's much more than that. His name are embedded all over the jacquards and leather on skirts, gloves, and dresses. It's there but you can't really see it until you take a second look. The logos are in different font size. What a genius!!!

Collection : Mara Hoffman
Mara Hoffman has a successful empire in swimwear and seems like her ready-to-wear lines are looking as bright as her use of colors. A rainbow worrier theme for this season with vibrant pattern and colorful embroidery. The neon are still hot for the Spring but tone down with darker shades. My favorite are the third-eye motif separates( far left) and the to-die-for rainbow shorts(center).