As many September issues arrived into my mail box, my "stay-at-home mom"days gets even better. Instead of baby's soft toy books, I can finally enjoy some real grown up material and day dreaming about Paris. When I received them, I would look at the beautiful cover and flip straight to the last page. Yes, I like to read my magazine backwards. Because you know the first 100 pages are all the beautiful/big label/super model/advertisements, which I can get back to them later. It will probably takes me about 5 hours to finish this 3 lbs book( yes, I weight it ), so for the in between breaks, I step outside of my house for some fresh air and took some photos on my driveway( and my neighbors drive way, too).

P.S : I love all my magazines equally, but the cover of Bazaar just goes better with my outfit. 
Happy reading!!

Top : Uniqlo men's t-shirt
Shorts : Harold's
Sunglasses : Forever 21
Watch : Borrowed from my husband
Shoes : Vaneli

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