Blue has become my new favorite color ever since I had my baby boy. And what a coincidence Charlotte Olympia's new cosmic collection for Gemini's birthday shoe and pandora clutch are also in the color of blue. Actually a beautiful pale blue in suede with gold hand-painted enamel zodiac symbol. This cosmic collection has 12 colors for each of the 12 start signs with the matching slipper and clutch. How thoughtful is that?  Although my birthday has long passed and still a few months away before Christmas arrives, but this beautifully crafted slipper and vintage jewelry box like clutch are sure on my holiday wish list. What's your sign? 

" Her indecisiveness leads her to a pair in every color !"~ That sounds like me.

Charlotte Olympia -  Birthday Gemini zodiac smoking slipper
Charlotte Olympia - Gemini Pandora clutch

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