Continue from yesterday's layering game. Did I mention that I live in Houston? Another reason I realize why I am not good with layering, because the city I live in is HOT all year round(tshirt+shorts are more than enough for me). You do get a couple of colder days, but then you stay home in your Pj's, so no chance to practice the layering skill(practice makes perfect).

Yes, it's the same boring dress from yesterday's post, but I figure there's gotta be more than one way to wear this dress to get my money worth( 21 bucks from Forever 21). Layering my tea length skirt over my maxi dress seems new to me, but I think it actually works here. Now, here is a much more interesting outfit to twirl around in my living room with.

Dress : Forever 21
Shirt : Anthropologie
Skirt : Thrift store find
Sunglasses : Vintage
Necklace : From Taiwan
Bangle : From my mom
Shoes : Cole Haan

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