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Back to my topic " From blah to fab". To be an expert in layering for your outfit, it take years of practicing mix&match, knowledge of fashion trends, and personal taste. Olivia Palermo, Leandra Medine( from the Man Repeller), and Blair Eadie ( from Atlantic-Pacific), just to name a few, they are all the "Queen of Layering". I mean they can literally layer two sweaters and two jackets and a fur coat with a skirt over some skinny jeans and wear five statement necklaces and ten bracelet/cuffs on their wrist and still look effortlessly chic. How is this impossible?? I would look like a hot potato.

I got this dress two years ago when I was preggo (note to myself: never ever buy clothes when pregnant again!!). Back when the sheer skirt was kinda hot and I thought I can pull off the look. And then the dress end up sitting in my closet for two years with the price tag still on it. I am no expert in layering, but I sure can have a good time playing dress up in my closet. Like or not ?

P.S : Another " From blah to fab" continues on tomorrow's posting, see ya!!

Dress : Forever 21
Top : Pull&Bear
Shirt : American Eagle Outfitters
Necklace : Gift from friends
Belt : Thrift store find
Shoes : Melissa

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