When it comes to denim, I love the durability and easy care of it, and I can live in it almost everyday. Lace on the other hand, the ultra delicate material that require special care and tender hand. The conflict between the two creates a special chemistry when you put them together. It's a perfect mix of famine and masculine. 

I took my one size too big old denim shirt, removed both front pockets to avoid bulkiness. Using the scallop edge of the lace I have, place them on the front of the shirt, and attach them slowly by hand. Sewing delicate lace by hand is a great enjoyment and one of my favorite pastime. It require lots of time and patient, but the result is priceless. 

Top : Re-design by me
Dress : Tommy Hilfiger
Belt : Thrift store find
Ring : Bought it from Taiwan
Shoes : Melissa

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