Once upon a time, there's denim, denim, and denim, sitting in my tiny closet and taking up all the valuable spaces for my shoes, bags, and clothes. So I decide to make room for my selfish self and get rid off some hubby's old ugly stuff. I consider my wardrobe are far more exciting than hubby's boring polo, khaki, and sweat pants. Who needs 30 of THE SAME polo shirts in different color, or 50 of THE SAME pair of khakis in slightly different shades!! 

So, several DIY projects will serve these once old denim to a fabulous new life!! (I will tackle the khakis later). I cut off the leg of a pair of old denim and open the inseams, placing the material on my mannequin and drape it as I desire. It's a pleated waist skirt with original seam details and asymmetrical hem. I pair it with a simple tank top and brown lace up shoes. Hope you like it as much as I do.

P.S: Hubby gets a pair of denim hot shorts after my skirt is done!!(win win)

Top : Uniqlo
Skirt : Re-design by me
Shoes : Pikolinos

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