We all had impulse buying experiences. Sometimes the deal was too good to pass, or you think one day you will fit into that dress you bought two size too small, or you simply need to get rid off some old junk to make room for the new ones.  So I think the person who came up with the clothing swap idea was a genius!! As we know, one women's trash is another women's treasure!

I was so excited to attend a friend's clothing swap event last weekend. I brought in a box full of unwanted clothes/bags and offered my help for sorting the clothes for the swap party. Helpers get to preview all the goodies first..yay!!! This is a great way to recycle those unwanted old clothes and everyone gets to go home with a bag full of new clothes. And whatever is left, they will donate them to Goodwill for other treasure hunters.

So hurry get your girlfriends together and clean up those unwanted clothes in your closet.  Have a fabulous afternoon with some cocktails, homemade bake goods, and a room full of new clothes for everyone to bring home. Happy swapping!!

I am a lucky size 7.5
I had my eyes on the elephant necklace

A beautiful mess
Sorting the clothes by color was the best idea

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