I can not wait to show you what I found at the clothing swap party I went last weekend. Remember I was eyeing the elephant necklace, I got it...yay!!!And along with this white linen top and a black pencil skirt. You can never get enough of those white shirt/blouse/t-shirt, they are the basic in your wardrobe. and I love this black cotton skirt with snaps down the front. A little detail like that makes this skirt unique.
The best things to get at clothing swap are accessories and bags,because they are one size fits all. For clothes, if they are a little big on you, spend the money take them to a trustworthy tailor ( you already got the clothes for free!! )  or even better if you know how to do the alteration yourself. Don't ever take the dress that's too small and think one day you can squeeze in, that will usually end up at another swap party.

Top & skirt & necklace: found at clothing swap
Shoes : Cole haan

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