Last night I was browsing some of my favorite shopping site( just browsing!! ), and thinking of people say "why can't we wear white after labor day"(truth is, you can really wear whatever you like at any given day!!). So I googled it and here is the answer if you don't already know. Looking in my closet and I don't really own too many white clothes or shoes, which I am looking for a new change of my wardrobe now. So above are couple of things I came across during my mid-night indulgent and the best thing is most of them are on sale with a much friendly price!! So before the hot summer day ends and the pool party/BBQ gather this weekend, let's have a white party!!

P.S: What is your favorite? I am really digging the Reece Hudson mini bag and the Super Sunglasses.

Happy Weekend!!

1. Eddie Borgo fractured heart earring

2. 3.1 Phillip Lim oversize T-shirt

3. Alexander Wang high heel bootie

4. Super Sunglasses flat top sunglasses

5. Current/Elliott metallic-coated jeans

6. Tasha spike stretch bracelet

7. Reece Hudson mini bag

8. Eddie Borgo pentagram cuff



Continue from yesterday's layering game. Did I mention that I live in Houston? Another reason I realize why I am not good with layering, because the city I live in is HOT all year round(tshirt+shorts are more than enough for me). You do get a couple of colder days, but then you stay home in your Pj's, so no chance to practice the layering skill(practice makes perfect).

Yes, it's the same boring dress from yesterday's post, but I figure there's gotta be more than one way to wear this dress to get my money worth( 21 bucks from Forever 21). Layering my tea length skirt over my maxi dress seems new to me, but I think it actually works here. Now, here is a much more interesting outfit to twirl around in my living room with.

Dress : Forever 21
Shirt : Anthropologie
Skirt : Thrift store find
Sunglasses : Vintage
Necklace : From Taiwan
Bangle : From my mom
Shoes : Cole Haan



YOU are the sweetest person in the world and THANK YOU so much for reading my blog!! If you can now look at the right side of the screen and you can see I added some cute little buttons for you to start follow me at your convenience( that's only if you want to follow me,,,please!). I am so late into this social media game ( I bet you all have more tweets than I do), but slowly become a social-mediaholic, so bare with me here.

Back to my topic " From blah to fab". To be an expert in layering for your outfit, it take years of practicing mix&match, knowledge of fashion trends, and personal taste. Olivia Palermo, Leandra Medine( from the Man Repeller), and Blair Eadie ( from Atlantic-Pacific), just to name a few, they are all the "Queen of Layering". I mean they can literally layer two sweaters and two jackets and a fur coat with a skirt over some skinny jeans and wear five statement necklaces and ten bracelet/cuffs on their wrist and still look effortlessly chic. How is this impossible?? I would look like a hot potato.

I got this dress two years ago when I was preggo (note to myself: never ever buy clothes when pregnant again!!). Back when the sheer skirt was kinda hot and I thought I can pull off the look. And then the dress end up sitting in my closet for two years with the price tag still on it. I am no expert in layering, but I sure can have a good time playing dress up in my closet. Like or not ?

P.S : Another " From blah to fab" continues on tomorrow's posting, see ya!!

Dress : Forever 21
Top : Pull&Bear
Shirt : American Eagle Outfitters
Necklace : Gift from friends
Belt : Thrift store find
Shoes : Melissa



Once upon a time, there's denim, denim, and denim, sitting in my tiny closet and taking up all the valuable spaces for my shoes, bags, and clothes. So I decide to make room for my selfish self and get rid off some hubby's old ugly stuff. I consider my wardrobe are far more exciting than hubby's boring polo, khaki, and sweat pants. Who needs 30 of THE SAME polo shirts in different color, or 50 of THE SAME pair of khakis in slightly different shades!! 

So, several DIY projects will serve these once old denim to a fabulous new life!! (I will tackle the khakis later). I cut off the leg of a pair of old denim and open the inseams, placing the material on my mannequin and drape it as I desire. It's a pleated waist skirt with original seam details and asymmetrical hem. I pair it with a simple tank top and brown lace up shoes. Hope you like it as much as I do.

P.S: Hubby gets a pair of denim hot shorts after my skirt is done!!(win win)

Top : Uniqlo
Skirt : Re-design by me
Shoes : Pikolinos



As many September issues arrived into my mail box, my "stay-at-home mom"days gets even better. Instead of baby's soft toy books, I can finally enjoy some real grown up material and day dreaming about Paris. When I received them, I would look at the beautiful cover and flip straight to the last page. Yes, I like to read my magazine backwards. Because you know the first 100 pages are all the beautiful/big label/super model/advertisements, which I can get back to them later. It will probably takes me about 5 hours to finish this 3 lbs book( yes, I weight it ), so for the in between breaks, I step outside of my house for some fresh air and took some photos on my driveway( and my neighbors drive way, too).

P.S : I love all my magazines equally, but the cover of Bazaar just goes better with my outfit. 
Happy reading!!

Top : Uniqlo men's t-shirt
Shorts : Harold's
Sunglasses : Forever 21
Watch : Borrowed from my husband
Shoes : Vaneli



When it comes to denim, I love the durability and easy care of it, and I can live in it almost everyday. Lace on the other hand, the ultra delicate material that require special care and tender hand. The conflict between the two creates a special chemistry when you put them together. It's a perfect mix of famine and masculine. 

I took my one size too big old denim shirt, removed both front pockets to avoid bulkiness. Using the scallop edge of the lace I have, place them on the front of the shirt, and attach them slowly by hand. Sewing delicate lace by hand is a great enjoyment and one of my favorite pastime. It require lots of time and patient, but the result is priceless. 

Top : Re-design by me
Dress : Tommy Hilfiger
Belt : Thrift store find
Ring : Bought it from Taiwan
Shoes : Melissa



Still remember the crazy polka dots collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama last year? It's hard to forget. Crazy dots in every possible size print on every surface you can imagine. 

I took my old yellow lining dress and alter the length. Added some black paillettes and gold sequins on it. Voila, here I have my own version of the polka dot top, a less dizziness version. 

Top : Re-design by me
Pants : banana Republic
Shoes : Kenneth Cole
Clutch : Cleo & Patek
Sunglasses : Vintage



Last week I took my little boy to the Children's Museum of Houston for the first time. I saw this beautiful mural on the wall of the Lawndale Art Center's building. It's about three stories tall and full of vibrant colors and abstract lines. I have seen other murals on this wall in the past and always amazed by them. 

" Skywriting" is the 2013 Lawndale Mural Project collaboration between the artists Daniel Anguilu and Aaron Parazette. Both artists employ forms of abstract patterns in their work but with much different approach.  This mural is on view from March 15, 2013 - January 11, 2014. So if you ever in the Houston museum district, be sure to stop by and admire this beautiful art work.



Happy Monday everyone!! I have been abandon my jeans for a while because of this hot and humid summer. So I figure to wear my distressed jeans, at least it's more breathable and you know what I mean!! Usually I don't go for this head to toe grayish/black color scheme, I feel swallowed in the crowd with my 5'3 frame. But styling is all about stepping outside of your comfort zone, so just be confident and you can pull off any look you want.

T-shirt : Design by Michael Leon
Jeans : Levi's
Bag : Chanel
Shoes : Kenneth Cole
sunglasses : Forever 21



Happy birthday to my most beautiful mother, I LOVE YOU FOREVER!!

My mom has always been the biggest support in my life. She is the person I talk to just about anything and everything. Even she lives few thousands miles away from me, we still talk/message almost everyday and of course she is the # 1 fan of my blog. Every time I have a new post, she will tell me what she loves and what I can improve for better. She is full of ideas and energy and fashion sense. I should really hire her to be the editor for my blog : )

Thank you mom, for always being supportive and loving and caring. I love you very much!! kiss kiss~



A few weeks ago I was searching for a skirt with pom pom trim ( don't ask me why), but no luck finding the one I love. And this one came along during the clothing swap event I went two weekends ago. The perfect full skirt with motif prints and the bonus pom pom trim around the hem. Exactly what I was looking for!!  Some people say you are meant to be with one person, in this case, this perfect skirt was meant to be with me.

Top : Dress worn as a top re-design by me
Skirt : Ann Taylor Loft
Shoes : Vaneli