Every time when my mother-in-law is reorganizing her closet,
I know I will find some treasure and something fun!!
She had this pair of Blumarine jeans for over 10 years
and finally decide to part with this "out of style" item.
But she is 5"10 and I am 5"3 in height,
so this pair of jeans has been sitting in my "re-design" pile for a while.

Few weeks ago I finally came up with a solution to give it a new life.
Hope you like my idea and stay tune to see how I style my new skirt.
Here is what I did.

Blumarine Jeans in orange leopard w/ embroidery flowers.

Time to cut it...

I open the bell bottom from both legs and sew the front and the back together.

Here, I turn the bell bottom jeans into a high waist skirt and using the original waistband.

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