The possibilities with a simple black and white stripe dress is endless. You can wear it casually with your Converse, or you can dress is up with your Louboutin.  You can wear it to the office for your important meetings, or wear it to the BBQ pool party on the weekends. A classic stripe dress is no doubt everyone's wardrobe essential.

I found this knit dress in the bottom of my drawer, something I never worn. So I decide to put little work to it.  

Dress : re-design by me
Shoes : Cole Haan
Sunglasses: Burberry
Necklace : Vintage



This week I want to challenge myself of wearing stripes in every form. The simplicity of these lines has a magical power to make you fall in love with them. They come in variety of color and width, they can be horizontal or vertical, they appear from your basic tee to your expensive coat. These simple stripes add so much personality to your outfit and your life, what's there not to love? Stay tune for tomorrow's challenge. 

Top : Muji
Skirt : design and made by me
Necklace : a gift from my mom
Shoes : Cole Haan 



Saturday was a rather relax day for me because my in-laws were babysitting our little boy. So I get to sleep in, take my hour long bath, and enjoy my ice cream without being disturb. My dear friend Yusi was so sweet to invite us to watch the broadway musical "Wicked" with her and her husband. Thank you Yusi!!! We had a wonderful time with an amazing show, delicious food, and great company. What more can I ask for? Wish you all had a lovely weekend.

p.s: my lovely husband was the photographer today, I really can't ask for more.

Dress : Collective Concepts
Belt : from local thrift store
Ring : bought it from Taiwan
Bag : Chanel
Shoes : Melissa

Best way to end the night- a slice of heaven from the Maggiano's



It's always fun dressing up for date night. I opt for this separate look of a sweatshirt and a black lace skirt instead of my usual choice of a dress.I love the mix of the casual look and the ladylike accessories. What's your favorite outfit for your date night? Wish you all have a lovely weekend!!

Top : Rodeo Crowns
Skirt : Kate Hill
Shoes : Barbara Bui
Bag : Chanel
Necklace : Vintage
Ring : bought it from Taiwan



I fell in love with this sheer organza fabric with abstract lines at a first sight. It's sheer and light with some stiffness to hold its shapes. So I know a simple A-line dress will be beautiful with this fabric. To add some visual intrested, I cut several pieces of large triangle, layer them in the front to create ruffle-like effects. Here is how I wore it. 

Dress : design and made by me
Shoes : Barbara Bui
Belt : local thrift store
Earring : Vintage
Ring : From Taiwan



DIY flare jeans to high waist skirt from my previous post

Excuse me for the stiff poses and amateur photos,
I am neither a model nor a photographer,
and it's hard to pose and check photos under this Texas heat.
But I am trying my best to look presentable in my photos.
Hope you guys don't mind.

I did a test shoot around 11am and again at 4pm,
still trying to figure out when is the best time to take photos during the day,
if you are an experience photographer, please let me know.

Ring and Belt are both from local thrift store.
Handmade necklace from Taiwan.

Top : Muji
Skirt: re-design by me
Shoes : Melissa
Necklace : bought it from Taiwan
Belt : from local thrift store
Clutch : gift from a friend



Every time when my mother-in-law is reorganizing her closet,
I know I will find some treasure and something fun!!
She had this pair of Blumarine jeans for over 10 years
and finally decide to part with this "out of style" item.
But she is 5"10 and I am 5"3 in height,
so this pair of jeans has been sitting in my "re-design" pile for a while.

Few weeks ago I finally came up with a solution to give it a new life.
Hope you like my idea and stay tune to see how I style my new skirt.
Here is what I did.

Blumarine Jeans in orange leopard w/ embroidery flowers.

Time to cut it...

I open the bell bottom from both legs and sew the front and the back together.

Here, I turn the bell bottom jeans into a high waist skirt and using the original waistband.



Having Monday blue symptoms? Think pink.
Pink may not be the favorite color for most people,
but the color of pink sure has the power to cheer up many girls.
I have few pink things in my closet and around my house,
hope they can left up your spirit to carry on your day.
Wish you all have a wonderful week!!

Shu uemura skin purifier
Franck Olivier perfume

A French Connection dress from 15 years ago and still look fresh in my closet.

Love Copic marker, what's your favorite shade of pink?

Friendship bracelet made by me.
Flower made by Hello Kitty duck tape.

A pair of beautiful earring from my mother.

Pink, Pink, Pink



Welcome to Ice Pop Style!!
I feel like a proud mama had finally give birth to this blog.
There are many things in life worth capturing and sharing,
so I like to share with you the things I like and what I see.
Cheers to fashion,life, food, and all the other beautiful things!!